Apple looking for 1 million to Beta Test OS X Yosemite

Want to get in on the Apple beta test of its OS X Yosemite? Here’s how you can. From the Wall Street Journal: Apple is looking for 1 million people to test drive OS X Yosemite, its upcoming refresh of the Mac operating system. All you need to get in on the OS X beta program […]

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Hy-Fi by The Living (Photo courtesy:

Could Bio-bricks offer a hint of the future?

In the future, structures made from bio-bricks might well hold the key to providing temporary shelter and other housing in the event of a disaster. But for now, Hy-Fi, as the structure is called, is made of organic bricks and 100 percent recyclable materials. And the bricks used in Hy-Fi can be grown in five days.

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