Nestle and Hershey Concerned over Ebola Impact

With over 4,500 deaths and counting, two of the world’s biggest chocolate manufacturers, Nestle and Hershey Company, expressed their concerns over the ongoing Ebola epidemic in West African countries.

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Rise of the Hacktivist [Infographic]
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Cornel West Talks About African American History

Dr. Cornel West, renowned scholar, author and activist, talks with Brian Lehrer of the Brian Lehrer Show, about his latest works, ‘Black Prophetic Fire’ in which he discusses six revolutionary African-American leaders: Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. Du Bois, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ella Baker, Malcolm X and Ida B. Wells.


Another Case for Reparations (Video)

Ta-Nehisi Coates, national correspondent for The Atlantic, speaking at The City Club of Cleveland recently, discussed “The Case for Reparations.”


Airport Screening Won’t Stop Ebola

This article was originally posted at The Economist Those who got sick, and there were many, developed large, dark blisters that oozed pus and blood. Later came fever and bloody vomiting. Long before Ebola, there was the Black Death, which killed millions in the 14th century. And as with Ebola, nervous officials tried to keep […]

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