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Amazon Rolls Out New Devices

Amazon has launched a few new devices, including a 6 inch tablet that sells for $100 aimed at a broader audience with its low-price point.


Who Really Won in the General Mills’ Purchase of Annie’s?

Annie’s, a leading natural and organic food company, is being acquired by General Mills, the Minnesota-based packaged-goods behemoth, for a price tag of $820 million. But who got the better deal – Annie’s or General Mills?

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Actor Wendell Pierce of “The Wire” Talks White Violence, Entitlement and Racial Messaging (Video)

The Wire and Treme star Wendell Pierce on Bill Maher’s Real Time discussed the current NFL controversy saying, beating children was not necessarily restricted to Black families. Acknowledging that he was also beaten as a kid (not whipped or abused) by his dad, Pierce said, “We have to be able to evolve and learn from our mistakes…It’s not a black thing; white people beat their kids, too.”

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